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Snowflake Season in Vancouver


Sunday afternoon ‘Hot Rum’ yacht racers on English Bay facing drifting condition in mid-December.IMGP7598 All they need is an audience!


….while shoppers shop near Vancouver’s waterfront…never far from saltchuck, the city’s core is on a (dozen blocks deep) slim peninsula.



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Photo Challenge – Image Reflections!

Water lends itself to reflected images, while city and naturescapes reflect what we know, and what we don’t!




More reflected images of city wallart opposite the ocean nearby…



English Bay mallards are reflections of themselves…



down on Denman at the corner of Beach Ave., a dozen or so jolly brass fellows are always merry!







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December Gold & Night Lights

‘December Gold’ captures a tug returning to False Creek moorage in downtown Vancouver; with a steel  sculpture on shore as backdrop, this boat looks to have reindeer antlers on the bridge.

December Gold at sunset - chug of the tug returning to dock in Vancouver.

December Gold at sunset – chug of the tug returning to dock in Vancouver.

December Gold at sunset – thud and chug – tug returning to dock in Vancouver.

Yaletown Vancouver - Strolling arm-in-arm as they walk down the cobbled walkway.

Yaletown Vancouver – Strolling arm-in-arm as they walk down the cobbled walkway.

Reflections of Yaletown in December

Reflections of Yaletown in December

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Ephemeral art forms with golden and orange concentric circles on a green and yellow backdrop. Maple spirals reflect this fall beauty, Japanese maple in Canada’s back yard. Watching the gorgeous colors that change daily is inspiration for everything artful!



What is this he’s climbing? Art, architectural ruin, altered nature? Would you expect this ‘structure?’ on the coast, maybe in medieval ruins, perhaps somewhere in North America, or elsewhere – you guess where and what??








‘Happy Face’ was such a surprise, you’d never guess where we found him/her, up on a cliff face along sea-to-sky highway, probably the most beautiful route in the world, at least rivaling ‘Going towards the sun’. Is this ecoart, ecosculpture?

COMING SOON – YALETOWN ART FAIR    Urban Art in Yaletown, Sunday Nov 25th, 2012, hope to see you there!

Summer weather! on and on and on!

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In the heart of Vancouver, False Creek waterways offer lively views, miniferry transportation and sports afloat.

Market trip by aquabus to Granville Island across False Creek takes bikes, folks, dogs on a 3 minute ‘cruise’ either round trip or one way. Surrounded by history and the telltale signs of long-and-recent past industries, the creek is constantly evolving as homes, boats, businesses jostle for position along this fascinating waterfront. If you visit the area check out the nature island near Olympic village for a taste of the creek’s shore-origins.

Next stop, take a bigger ferry (seabus) across Burrard Inlet from downtown Vancouver to visit beautiful Waterfront park North Vancouver. Climb up sculptures (mountain sized with mountain backdrops) that warn you ‘don’t climb’ … and of course you do if you’re ten or so!

September’s highlight at waterfront park honours the ‘Salish Sea’ with beautiful messages and lasting images, like this dugout canoe bearing a banner “many people One canoe” -never far between sea and north shore mountain.