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Ephemeral art forms with golden and orange concentric circles on a green and yellow backdrop. Maple spirals reflect this fall beauty, Japanese maple in Canada’s back yard. Watching the gorgeous colors that change daily is inspiration for everything artful!



What is this he’s climbing? Art, architectural ruin, altered nature? Would you expect this ‘structure?’ on the coast, maybe in medieval ruins, perhaps somewhere in North America, or elsewhere – you guess where and what??








‘Happy Face’ was such a surprise, you’d never guess where we found him/her, up on a cliff face along sea-to-sky highway, probably the most beautiful route in the world, at least rivaling ‘Going towards the sun’. Is this ecoart, ecosculpture?

COMING SOON – YALETOWN ART FAIR    Urban Art in Yaletown, Sunday Nov 25th, 2012, hope to see you there!

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The art of summertime

What could look and feel more like the colors of summertime than the silksmooth underbark of a beautiful west coast arbutus? You can almost hear the salty seaspray close to rocky shorelines where these beauties thrive.

Seeing double images in art of west coast shore arbutus trees…

‘Arbutus doubles’ plays with two of my painted arbutus images inspired along the west coast near Vancouver, with colors reflecting Pacific waters and edges, highlighted by sunset hues of bark.

On themes of seaside and seawalls, on the way to an amazing ‘Papergirl’ art exhibition that celebrates the art of giving art, strollers pass bikers and frisbee players by English Bay at sunset.

English Bay seawall sunsets are magical in any weather, caught between tides and skies by the sands and sculptures.

At the historic Roundhouse in Yaletown, artists musicians and families mingle with sculpture and 2D images. Celebrating the art of giving art has never been more fun. After the weeklong show biker volunteers ‘gift members of the public arounf False Creek.

Historic roundhouse was the terminus of trans Canada train travel, complete with turntable for rotating steam engines. Now the buildings and plazas act as community art and cultural hub, papergirl displays below huge vaulted timbers.


Cool bike elements sculpture at Roundhouse summer art show for Papergirl events. Dozens of artists contributed hundreds of artworks.

My musicalart for the exhibit