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Ephemeral art forms with golden and orange concentric circles on a green and yellow backdrop. Maple spirals reflect this fall beauty. Watching the gorgeous colors that change daily is inspiration for everything artful!

What is this he’s climbing? Art, architectural ruin, altered nature? Would you expect this ‘structure?’ on the coast, maybe in medieval ruins, perhaps somewhere in North America, or elsewhere – you guess where and what??

‘Happy Face’ was such a surprise, you’d never guess where we found him/her, up on a cliff face along sea-to-sky highway, probably the most beautiful route in the world, at least rivaling ‘Going towards the sun’. Is this ecoart, ecosculpture?


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BC Bears & Canada Day Art

Canada Day at Coquitlam BC, art and events planned with Evergreen Cultural Ctr. and Gallery. The day starts in mists surrounding the lake, the tents and us, by afternoon sun at last, along with hundreds of smiling faces tattoed with Canadian flags, little ones, dogs and more – What fun!

One of six BC bears we sighted between Whistler and Lilloet. All obligingly posed while they browsed new greens. Green along the road, silver raindrops and occasional blue skies were sighted during June and early July!