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Dramatic Waterfront


December ushered in a fresh dose of stormy weather, following November’s sharp, clear snapping cold (unusual for balmy Vancouver).



Weather shifts make dramatic skies, intense sea-lighting effects below the ever dramatic coast and mountain/skyscraper backdrop.IMGP9674



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Vancouver Maritime Museum:  SALT MIST SEASONS   1A-WEB-SALT MIST-JPGMARINE ART EXHIBITION             1905 Ogden Ave. Vanier Park, Vancouver, BC

TK Gallery  Marine Art 48°- 51° N Latitudes  Southern Islands, to Vancouver and Howe Sound (featured below with milky turquoise seas and Squamish winds).


Paintings and Photos of BC Vessels & Coast at VMM


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Snowflake Season in Vancouver


Sunday afternoon ‘Hot Rum’ yacht racers on English Bay facing drifting condition in mid-December.IMGP7598 All they need is an audience!


….while shoppers shop near Vancouver’s waterfront…never far from saltchuck, the city’s core is on a (dozen blocks deep) slim peninsula.



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Stanley Park’s seawall in winter blues and greens

On Stanley Park’s Seawall there’s more than meets the eye, from Eagle’s flights announced loudly from high in the Doug Firs, to tiny shells hidden under middens of wave action pounding at low tide. From art inspired by beaches, to bike and walking lanes sporting new red paint separations. Where have you found treasures along this coast shoreline? For more fun info about the Kitsilano Beach side of the seawall visit the seawallchronicles video at


If you ever catch a glimpse of stark white (heads or tails) on a dark black heavy feathered body, while looking up through the fir branches along the Stanley Park west side seawall, you might also listen for the Bald Eagle’s yodel cry “ee-eeee-ee-eee”. If you’re luckier still you may see baldies swooping low to swipe a fish on the wing. Next post: heron sightings!


Shell Studies in water color and pencil, or pastels and crayons, match up well with shell searches at low tide after the storms.


Stanley Park in winter after wind and wave sweeping high tides last month, when part of the seawall was uprooted, trees, rock wall and all.

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Ephemeral art forms with golden and orange concentric circles on a green and yellow backdrop. Maple spirals reflect this fall beauty, Japanese maple in Canada’s back yard. Watching the gorgeous colors that change daily is inspiration for everything artful!



What is this he’s climbing? Art, architectural ruin, altered nature? Would you expect this ‘structure?’ on the coast, maybe in medieval ruins, perhaps somewhere in North America, or elsewhere – you guess where and what??








‘Happy Face’ was such a surprise, you’d never guess where we found him/her, up on a cliff face along sea-to-sky highway, probably the most beautiful route in the world, at least rivaling ‘Going towards the sun’. Is this ecoart, ecosculpture?

COMING SOON – YALETOWN ART FAIR    Urban Art in Yaletown, Sunday Nov 25th, 2012, hope to see you there!

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July sun + BC coast = ahhh summer

Sunset bike ride on Vancouver’s seawall, with a pause to glimpse the views through spoke silhouettes, dusk and walkers caught in the lens for just a moment. A bit farther along, a couple of our family’s ‘best friends’ waiting for the game to end and their ride to continue.

‘Best friends’ take a beachside break while dad plays frisbee and the strollers stroll by. They are too cute for words. This creative coast art blog has expanded a bit to include all sorts of cool stuff that we see around the shore on the waters near the ocean and sometimes inland. Check for lots more videos featuring these two and more.


THE ROUNDHOUSE is really a train house where westward bound steam train engines were rotated before heading east. It was the only choice as the ocean waters in False Creek lap upon shores just outside in Vancouver’s Yaletown. Now it serves as community arts and civic-recreation centre, hosts diverse events and exhibits…. below is photo of oldtimer steam engine housed in showroom.


374 taking life easy in the Roundhouse!