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West coast wilderness – North Vancouver spring

Capilano River cuts a deep pathway to the Pacific, foaming en route through millenial Douglas fir, western red cedar and hemlock forests. Rewards for the hiker in ancient wilderness remnants surrounded by north shore cities and suburbs!IMGP4636IMGP4633

Fairy Wilderness in spring, hiding under soft green of old man's beard.

Fairy Wilderness in spring, hiding under soft green of old man’s beard.


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Winter blues and greens!

…from Eagle’s flights announced loudly from high in the Doug Firs, to tiny shells hidden under middens of wave action pounding at low tide. Where have you found treasures along this coast shoreline?


If you ever catch a glimpse of stark white (heads or tails) on a dark black heavy feathered body, while looking up through the fir branches, you might also listen for the Bald Eagle’s yodel cry “ee-eeee-ee-eee”. If you’re luckier still you may see baldies swooping low to swipe a fish on the wing. 


Shell Studies in water color and pencil, or pastels and crayons, match up well with shell searches at low tide after the storms.