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Vancouver’s Pineapple Express – Just Ducky!!

Detail of my abstract collage on canvas “My Green Brushstrokes” R. Hanna


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Summer to fall day trips took us away from salty seas. Starting in Howe Sound, then south of the Fraser River to Redwood Park and Westham Island. HOT! East near Agassi, Rainbows are merely imagined artistic  memories!

Discover one beautiful vessel at Simon Fraser University’s Burnaby Campus, just before another stunning sunset over the Port of Vancouver. An Inukshuk dusk welcomes us home.

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Saluting Port of Vancouver Ships and Mariners!


Summertime, where living is easy down by the sea – for dreamers. Where big and small ships, and their mariners, protect Canada’s Port of entry. Safety for Canadians and visitors! To play, cruise, learn and maybe stay forever. Other ships are the heart of Vancouver’s working waterfront, Canada’s commercial drumbeat.  They are coming to work while cruise ships and commercial vessels enter the Port of Vancouver. Offshore, navy and rescue vessels. Some little workboats wait and dream of their next missions, ready to head out from port under a new command. Where artists and dreamers create oceanside art – at the nexus of Vancouver’s Pacific marine paradise. Please visit and enjoy the Vancouver Port’s many Canada 150 events at website too:

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East Pacific teal to Carribean blue, beautiful North American salt waters and shorelines inspire art and play! Celebrate World Oceans Day every day with TLC.

Oceans for frolicking kids, calm smooth waters, lazy west coast sea otters, fishing boats named for the sea, still blue nights at the beach.





Oceans for: family seaside get-togethers, pouty northern fishes, sleek dolphins, Vancouver Island rough waters and winter storms, and Bald Eagle lookouts.


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