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Here come the great blues!

Here are a few photos and arts from my heron collection – these look kind of like pterodactyls (sp)  though I’ve never seen one, they definitely sound like monsters with colds, and how they get up and away is amazing,  so ungainly, scruffy and clumsy, but cute too….

heron chasing after frog

An unusual sight, heron chasing after frog, they are most often seen knee-deep in water poised for a chance to spear little fish.

These three baby blues were balancing by lost lagoon in Stanley Park.

heron suntanning by the Burrard Bridge along the Vancouver seawall

Heron named lanky ‘suntanning’ on a cold day by the Burrard Bridge along the Vancouver seawall.

ARTgreat bl-heron

ART of great blue heron, sketched in a magic imagined wetland