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Rivers Day! A celebration of life each fall, for salmon and marine artists along the rivers and west coast seashores!

In September the sun broke through along the Fraser River, where many of us water-color, or water-inspired artists gathered along the new Westminster waterfront boardwalk to exhibit and sell our artworks. Music, food, lots of families, salmon seiners and tugboats all made the day special!

Along the Coal Harbor waterfront seawall in Vancouver’s inner Harbor, a new idea in green (a rooftop park covers the whole structure!) community was built – the gathering place for community arts, culture, sports and more. I was privileged to design and paint a ‘preview artpiece’ of this neat building before its completion – incorporating many surrounding mountain, sea and city features into the art.

The Stein River tumbles joyfully east to meet the Fraser (itself on a westward course to the Pacific) in a hidden turn almost visible just left of the centre of this photo I took during late summer, in honor of BC and International Rivers Day. Fast, clean and chilly, it’s the way all world riverwaters should be!

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Falling leaves inspire art with color and graceful dance

October! And west coast falling petals and leaves inspire art with color and graceful dances, towards earth and renewal….

Caught in midflight, the brightest dancer sails towards earth for autumn sleep.

PetalFall is a playful mixed media contrasting the sunflower seasons.

In fall, forests, gardens and lansdscapes are full of color, warmth of red ochres blended, greens shading to gold – magic perfection in balance and harmony, inspiration for ecosystems and eco-artists, irresistable to photographers, sketchers and nature lovers, squirrels, crows raccoons….